Glazed lava stone

Our line of glazed lava stone represents a balanced blend of tradition and innovation. This collection stands out for its versatility in design, thanks to a wide range of colors that encompass both soft and deep tones. Our palette consists of 27 colors, inspired by the beauty of nature, providing endless creative possibilities.

Lava Stone from Etna

The Etna lava stone originates from the eruptions of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy, and is primarily composed of basalt. Its formation process occurs through the rapid cooling of lava on the Earth's surface, imparting extraordinary hardness and resistance to the stone. Its shades range from dark gray to black. In comparison to other natural materials and ceramics, Etna lava stone stands out for its remarkable hardness and resistance.


Lava stone, thanks to its distinctive texture and intrinsic characteristics, reacts uniquely to the glazing and firing process. This, unlike other materials, contributes to creating intense and vibrant chromatic effects.

Throughout our ongoing research to perfect the manufacturing process, we have dedicated significant efforts to developing a collection of unique colors. This attention to detail and our dedication to craftsmanship have allowed us to offer an exclusive range of shades.

Features and Applications

The vitrification process creates a hard and glossy finish, providing the lava stone with extra resistance that makes it an extraordinarily durable and versatile material, ideal for a wide range of applications.

Glazed lava stone is excellently suited for wall coverings, bar counters, sinks, furniture, and kitchen countertops, especially for outdoor environments, wellness areas, and pools.


Upon request, we can develop customized colors to adapt to the specific needs of projects. We offer the possibility of creating special glazes, including iridescent or opaque ones, as well as glazes with anti-slip features.

Our company's main focus is on realizing custom-made projects. Therefore, we can customize not only colors but also thicknesses and formats, in addition to developing 3D elements. This versatility allows us to go beyond simple two-dimensional wall applications, offering the opportunity to create unique architectural surfaces and details. By adapting to the specific needs of each project, we contribute to making each environment unique and distinctive.

Seashell White
Midnight Black
Natural Glossy
Natural Matte
Earth Brown
Wood Green
Moss Green
Dark Green
Bottle Green
Sky Blue
Deep Azure
Deep Blue
Kira Gold