Natural stone

Natural stones are the main component of our products, and thanks to their unique and versatile characteristics, they offer endless creative possibilities. From the warm tones of precious marbles to the bold shades of granites, from smooth and delicate surfaces to the rough and rustic cuts of coarser stones, using stone is a stylish choice that adds character and personality to every environment.

Natural stone

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Etna Basalt

Etna basalt is a variety of volcanic rock with a dense and compact structure, characterized by a dark color, often black or intense gray. Its volcanic origin gives it a unique beauty and exceptional resistance, making it a sought-after material for architectural and design applications.


The marble aggregate, commonly known as terrazzo, boasts an ancient history dating back to the times of the Romans and Venetians.

Today, terrazzo has undergone a process of evolution and renewal, emerging as a highly appreciated design material. Our collection stands out for providing diverse aesthetic solutions, featuring contemporary colors achieved through a skillful blend of carefully selected aggregates and marbles.