The design phase represents a fundamental moment in the entire process and is carried out accurately and meticulously, integrating technical expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. Following the initial request, we conduct a thorough evaluation to fully understand the client's needs. Subsequently, we develop a quotation that takes into account the sustainability of the project, both economically and environmentally.


Our technical office plays a fundamental role in the planning and quoting phases of projects, during which we implement a detailed process to ensure accuracy and efficiency in evaluation. We begin by verifying the project specifications and requirements provided by the professional. This analysis phase allows us to fully understand the client's needs and define the goals to be achieved through monitoring:

We then use our in-depth knowledge of materials and processing techniques to develop a solid plan. This includes evaluating the dimensions and quantities of material required, as well as defining the technical details and processes required to produce precise progress steps.


After completing the planning phase, we provide a quotation for the total project cost, considering materials, processing, time, and resources required for its realization. Our experience in the industry allows us to provide accurate and competitive evaluations while meeting the client's requests.

Throughout the planning and quoting process, we maintain constant communication with the client or professional to ensure clear understanding of the project and associated costs, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise, and ensuring that requests and expectations are met with maximum transparency and professionalism.

Sustainable design

We are strongly committed to actively involving the client in the planning phase to avoid material waste and maximize project efficiency, ensuring that the quantity of material required is accurately calculated.

We are aware that marble is a precious and limited material, so it is essential to adopt sustainable and responsible practices to reduce waste and preserve natural resources. Our commitment to waste reduction not only contributes to the economic efficiency of the project but also to environmental conservation.