To meet every request and create unique design solutions, we support the client from the material research phase, providing preliminary consulting to identify and select the product that best enhances the project in terms of technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Material identification

When we receive a request and do not already have what the customer needs, we initiate a selection process based on materials or reference RAL color standards. We then carefully analyze all specifications, including dimensions, the type of stone or terrazzo required, desired finishes, and any other specific characteristics.


The company conducts a search for materials among those available in its inventory or through its network of suppliers to identify those that meet the specific requirements. Samples are necessary to appreciate the characteristics of the materials, particularly natural stone, which is unique and irreplaceable, and to verify physical aspects such as background color, veins, and finishes. We can produce complete samples for each individual project or enrich the stone library of professionals.

Standard sizes

9,5×9,5 cm
9,5×20 cm
20×20 cm


To provide updates to the client or to show the level of quality achievable with the finished product, we provide a photographic and descriptive report. In addition, we can organize direct visits to quarries, during which the client can personally inspect the blocks and evaluate all available options.

Inspection area

To allow the client to directly view the products and make an informed choice, we can set up an exhibition area within our premises with a selection of available materials and slabs.