Sustainable energy

We have made a significant investment in solar energy through the installation of 2000 square meters of photovoltaic panels at our main production site. Thanks to these panels, we can now cover 50% of our total energy needs directly from renewable sources. This means that half of the energy required to power our business operations comes directly from the sun, making a significant contribution to the reduction of our carbon emissions.

This investment not only allows us to reduce long-term energy costs but also positions us as a company committed to transitioning to a more sustainable future. We demonstrate our active commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and conserving the natural resources of our planet.

We are excited about the environmental and economic benefits that this transition will bring us in the long term, and we will continue to work hard to further improve our corporate sustainability.

Wood recycling

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible management of natural resources is particularly focused on the use of wood in our shipping packaging. As a company operating in the marble industry, we recognize the essential role of packaging in ensuring the safe and intact delivery of our products to customers. However, we are equally aware of the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of these operations, especially when it involves natural resources such as wood.

We exclusively use wood from certified sources, ensuring that it comes from sustainably managed forests. This means that for every tree cut down to produce our wood, new trees are planted to replace those removed, thus contributing to the ecological balance of the forests.

We have implemented a recycling system that involves transforming discarded wooden packaging into new materials or products. This practice reduces the need to cut down new trees and limits waste accumulation, significantly contributing to our sustainable resource management strategy.